Fiyero Tigelaar

Fiyero, a feline, has a full sized body and miniature legs. With a head like a panther and big green eyes similar to an owl, he is certainly cute, with little curly ears. His luscious hair is the same shade of a seal; he dines like one, as well. As soon as he hears Mom starting to put out ahi tuna and shrimp or mackerel and sardines for dinner, he comes running. When running, his legs spin so fast he looks like the Road Runner from Looney Tunes. His extended torso is a comical sight whenever Fiyero takes off around the house. When not begging for love, he likes to take naps or, sometimes, he tries to be sly and hunt his siblings or a bug that sneaks in the house. Nevertheless, any time he senses food he comes hurriedly; he can always be heard running down the hall due to his jingle bell necklace which gives him away. The bell rings when he comes to bury his head in the hand of whomever is petting him. He likes to nudge people with his small, heart shaped nose, and one cannot help but give him attention. When he is given love, he purrs continuously until he is not petted any longer. He was almost renamed Harley after we discovered this trait. Watching the two dogs in the house he believes he is one, playing roughly. A massive tower is in the window where he loves to lie and catch the sun’s warm rays when he naps. Fiyero Tigelaar is non-allergenic and cute, and he will always brighten my day, making him the best cat I could ever ask for. 

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