50 Yarder

First, you take three walking-pace steps back from the spot of the kick. You take your arm and draw a line from your leg through the center of the ball’s future location and, then, through the center of the uprights. After two steps directly perpendicular to your first steps, you begin to get set. A glance at the target and, then, a nod to your holder to signal that you are ready. He taps the ground once, then twice. Here comes the ball, spiraling like a bullet that just came out of the barrel of a gun. Your holder catches the ball and puts it down; the ball tilting slightly to the right towards him. After a small step with your left foot to get you going, called a jab step, you take one more step with your right and then plant with your left foot. Your left foot should land with your heel even with the ball. With your head down, you drive your knee forward and extend your leg to bring your foot around. Your ankle should be locked and your foot completely sideways, making contact with the ball about a third of the way down. That is where the sweet spot is located. Your leg should swing straight up and through the ball. Boom! The ball explodes off your foot soaring high into the air, rotating end over end as it flies. It is gone before the opponents can get there, the fans watch with excitement. When it reaches its apex, it is above the light poles illuminating the field. The ball splits the uprights down the middle. The officials’ hands go up and the crowd erupts. This is how you make a 50 yard field goal.

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