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Looking back 25 years at the OKC Bombing

“I was a nursing student on my labor and delivery rotation at St. Anthony’s in Oklahoma City, the hospital nearest to the blast.  We had been at work about 3 hours since we usually arrived an hour before shift change for report.  I was near the nurse’s station and the blast nearly knocked me down.  … More

What Makes America Great

Personally, I am biased on this topic of what makes America great. My older brother, Parker, is currently serving in the military. I believe it is people like him who make America great. Our active soldiers and our veterans are what makes America great. Without these incredible men and women, we would not have freedoms … More

The Kicker

I stand on the field and hear the fans and their cheers My stomach feels conflicted between confidence and fear  My nerves are insane and fill me with stress But I am determined to kick the ball with success I line myself up and take a few steps back Focused to run and give the … More

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